La Coruna Travel Guide

The city of La Coruña being the provincial Capital of Galicia has a number of interesting things to offer a tourist.

One of these would be a district of old churches and buildings which highlights different architectural designs.Another would be the alluring new promenade which actually runs the city’s seaside perimeter. You can walk along the promenade and enjoy the view of the city at a different perspective or the view of the ocean while enjoying the cool sea breeze. The promenade also has allows you to walk through the different tourist spots of the city as the roads that lead to these tourist attractions are connected to the promenade.

If you’re not fond of walking it will not be a problem because you can take advantage of the tram system that runs along the sea front as well. It moves along the sea front center of the “Puerto de A Coruna” and to the middle of the “Ensenada del Orzan” and it passes several stops some of them are the city’s different attractions as well such as the Tower of Hercules, Domus and Castle de San Anton, the ride would cost one euro one way.

Coruna’s large harbor is also a marvelous sight if you pass by Marina Avenue you would be able to witness one of the highlights of Coruna architecture the galleria; a term for used for a balcony that is enclosed in a glass frame.  The best time to visit this side of the city would be during a clear day or on a clear evening because it is when you would be able to enjoy the beautiful reflection of light brought about by this architectural design. This is actually the reason why the city is also called “glass city” or “crystal city”.

The city also has its own medieval district just like other cities of Galicia. It is usually referred to as “the city” The first noticeable thing would be the remnant of the Roman walls that used to protect and enclose the ancient Roman city in this place. It has old structures and buildings that you could also view as you walk along the area.

Aside from all those mentioned you could also visit the city’s main plaza The Maria Pita Square derives its name from the local town heroine. The main entrance of the square is located at the harbor’s side.  The plaza displays an attractive façade in all of its sides and you can also visit the Town Hall and Council building known as Palacio Municipal which in  the area as well including some bars and  restaurants.


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